folding stars

DSC02822a choice

before the door closes forever.

the angels,

our spirit guides.

i saw you

the FLAME of YOU

your soul !

woke me up…

what do i want….

i want you

turns out, you want me too!!

oh glory

THIS is what Joy is, what’s really important.

grace, connection, contentment

your presence, your being

has healed me so so very much

called forth the writer in me

the artist, the creator.

i keep forgetting, you keep reminding…

always showing me the way….to truth

yours.     mine.

Lightness     Fairness    and    Beauty

3 constants that you are.

Facets of me- because of you.

Truth   i continually learn what is

true for me & of me.

Patience        waited for you,

grew with you & because of you.

Letting you be who you are…

whistling, folding stars, being ill, growing into your body.


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