constant birth


i get stuck

in the dark places,

the ruts of yesterday,

the habit of a dreary

painful life.


urgency. my life

depends on it. gun it.

give it all the gas.

get me out.

 no more ruts.

stuck on ice in the car (wrong tires).


those fleeting moments of

almost making it out or off.

never. give. up.




is needed here,

get on with my life.

again. try again.



i’m out. the relief.

the sliding away from and

into the next.


the pain of what’s next.

the art-full life i meant

to live and live and live.

smooth, flowing…

most powerful water

the most powerful force

is what i crave.


the crowning of my son’s head

as he was born.

leaving my husband.

moving away from my mother.

facing it all.


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