one truth uncovered



left in the dust— no need of you

opened and worshiped—praised where there were no words

openly ignoring me—as only a mother can

nourished. trusted you. it’s so simple…you leave me

leave and forget……. forget  and  keep forgetting.

screaming  and   growing, in the screaming.

it doesn’t occur to me to seek possible solutions…

like what would stop the screaming, the longing,

the utter pain of neglect….this hatred of self,

this not being able to remember, or is it i’m not willing.


the lie. the game.

it rises up in me…the disgust.

i. am. disgusted. and not discussing it.

the further ignoring—-almost funny.

yet most puzzling.


breast lump—undone by speaking the truth

an old hidden truth.

this new puzzle of weight, of growth

what needs to be said, and learned

and discovered and uncovered


slashed gently open





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