the flow

Brewed in Percolator



a stream of air

distortion, fuzzy, warmth, hazy

flowing from

consciousness to consciousness


whether you see it or not

it goes to you & thru you

if you awaken to it,

stick your focus  to it.


just stand in it.

you can’t stop it

you can be in it

just stand there.


really, it’s so good

at some point,

when & if you choose

be moved by it


you’ll end up

right where you are


only looser


the longer

i stay in it

the looser i get

the looser i feel


my solar plexus

was glowing

i could actually feel it

what a relief.


the present moment….

the bliss

soon, i let go,

kept letting go in minuscule bits at a time


i float along

at my speed

at my comfort level

my new & favorite place to go.




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