the lie



the resistance

will cease

if you make it



eroding away

glacial lengths

of time

etches in


holding back

time and lies

cracks appear

daily now


resisting words

thoughts, feelings

truths & realities

i lie for the liar


resisting is like

the air i breathe

knowing no



trudging and pushing

further away

from the truth

and the pain


wading in to

the river

of my



eddying and

crashing into

rocks and



this i am used to

i know how to

struggle and

keep it up


exhausted from

the stories

hiding from

the lies


at this point

i’m the only one

i’m hiding from

and lying to


no one cares

where i’m from

or what

i’ve been through


the past

doesn’t make

me who

i truly am


the lies

never dictated

the truth

never once


i resist

out of habit

i resist

not knowing better


like i can

hold back

the ocean

with my tiny self


within this body

lies a lifetime

worth[y]  of

agony and pain


things i came

to believe

words that

i made true





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