…. 15 …. ( a bit longer)


every time

i see you

you are



your hair

your laugh

your point of view

your face


you are 


so in the

thick of it


like your

first year

of life

x 15


it may be


to see.

you feel it


it’s a rush

 a tumble

hormones aplenty

true inner chaos


mixed with

all the


life has to offer



every moment

you are immersed

in change


but know this

you’re like a baby

you’re like a puppy

so truly adorable


you are still

a pup

a pup with the

whole world at your feet



      take a soak

it will all still

be here tomorrow 


at the ledge

you always

have choices

teeter a bit longer.







2 thoughts on “…. 15 …. ( a bit longer)

  1. I love that line “take a soak.” And go ahead and “teeter.” Anxious people like me need to know that it’s okay to take time to sure something is the right thing to do.

    • i had just spent time with a 15 yo girl and felt all her angst, chaos and the bottled-up-ness and this spilled out of me…it’s what i needed to hear, feel and write and i’m happy if you found a bit of solace there too. here’s to ‘taking a soak’ and the ever popular ‘teetering’. i have spent much of my life teetering between this and that…i think it’s good. there is so much to BE with.

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