Matchbox has been my inner-cracker-box-palace. I hid there. I survived there.
I forgot myself there………. I abandoned myself there.
here, i deposit the words of a deep-dive into finding and allowing my voice….(the voice of a little girl, an angry teen, a confused woman)…. to surface after a childhood of abuse and neglect and rape and torture. Sometimes the words and their composition sound crazy…..because the moments felt crazy. What’s important here is HONORing the words, the memories, that don’t make sense and looking and feeling deeper into the underlying sense of release.
Releasing the confusion.
Releasing the agreement to keep my mouth shut.
I honor what I went through by “letting ” the array of words, pictures and dissonance float up thru me and then away.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. That’s how healing occurs. It isn’t quick, and it isn’t easy. Sometimes letting go is harder than what you’re letting go of. Namaste, Sister. You’ve broken the cycle, and now your story helps others.

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