abundant silence



there is nothing like it

there are no words

not a whimper

not a whisper


decades of silence

no one knew

it was as though

i had been hit by a truck


immediate alarm

emergency sirens


coursed thru my body

and then the flashes


i didn’t know what i was

seeing, hearing, experiencing








wolf medicine



a dream

a knowing


but first



a drive thru

the woods

across the road

coyote ran


weeks later

i’m asleep

dreaming of

a forest


i came upon

a paper wolf

picked it up

just like a map


the creases

fell in

to fold itself



as i held it up

the paper went

right thru

my body


from front to rear

on my body

from top to 

bottom was the wolf


head on my shoulder

my constant companion





making of the crazy


at his moment

i don’t know 

feels familiar

like with my dad


one week and

it’s the second


can i overlook?


i’m wrong & crazy

i get real small

you push away.

he pushed away!


truth & intensity

it’s all good

you wouldn’t know

it’s all new to you


it’s not safe

my hand off

the heat…

i’m not crazy.



the milky way fix


pulse. throb. pain.

you’re thrilled

i’m helpless

chained to you


algebra fixes


now i understand

everything about you


deepest hazel eyes

trying to hide

your innocence

and longing


all you ever wanted

in a milky way

of your own making

you’re broken


and free.




from me to you


waves against rock


strings of energy from

me to you


it’s ours!

the finest gossamer

liquid at times

always, a way to you


a string on a cello

beams sound

from my soul to yours

i see you


lovely scarred man

bending in delight


to your own dream


i inhale the thread

your essence dances

inside me 

forever jubilant



broken wide open


standing in a field

of daisies

safe. beautiful.

sure. held.


trembling ground

breaks open

chasm at my feet

i’ve lost you


my side or yours

do i jump

or lose you.

lose myself to you


i’m broken

wide open

heaving with pain

i’m lost


no longer certain.

i long to be with you

corrupted. broken.

worship at  your feet