here we go



feeling pushed away

feeling disconnected

a slow build of perceived separation

feeling totally misunderstood


this is an end for me

always has been

a feeling of



a rage, a reaction

a huge response

kick all the

dust up into the air


thick, dense

choking on the 

emptiness of

fuck you


boarded up

actual wood

across what was

once an entrance


closed for business

light never ever

enters this

room again


gale force

winds turn

into gale

force moods


an end and

a beginning


occur without warning




4/2/09 Th


a new TILT


rousing your love

sounds below the low

loosening the knot

of who i’ve been


zero in on a vibration

i’ve been here before

and yet, it’s a whole

new perspective


driving away the rain

holding back the wind

breath free and roaring

frozen in the storm


narrowly escaping

silence of the stillness

a path enblazened ahead

warmed by the journey






dollars and sense

cented candles

you know what

i mean


your attention

is needed

at the

checkout counter


the aroma

at the antique store

it makes me



the sounds

of the machines

at the gym

i dissociate



walking down

the street




rips, tears

screeches to

a halt


this reality

this seeming

life of mine

it’s largely a lie


not all….there are

places i connect

and am truly

plugged all the way in


it’s challenging

i’ve been challenged

dared to remember

terrified to speak


i’m aging

i’m carrying

a past

i cannot remember


weighted down

buried deep

staying in

side stepping