the flow

Brewed in Percolator



a stream of air

distortion, fuzzy, warmth, hazy

flowing from

consciousness to consciousness


whether you see it or not

it goes to you & thru you

if you awaken to it,

stick your focus  to it.


just stand in it.

you can’t stop it

you can be in it

just stand there.


really, it’s so good

at some point,

when & if you choose

be moved by it


you’ll end up

right where you are


only looser


the longer

i stay in it

the looser i get

the looser i feel


my solar plexus

was glowing

i could actually feel it

what a relief.


the present moment….

the bliss

soon, i let go,

kept letting go in minuscule bits at a time


i float along

at my speed

at my comfort level

my new & favorite place to go.




prisoner of love



i hold on

only to be lead



down a rabbit hole

of intrigue

and desire


my heart opens

to a land

only you know


my warden

you laugh

dangling the keys


whispering to me

who i am

locking me out


in the cold

in the sunshine


bathed in bliss


by lack of you





she laughs

with me,

she must go

never to return


she congratulates me

so happy

only when you give up

an empty well to fill


she can’t wait to hear

envious with curiosity,

show me the road

she is anxious for hers


she yells at me

sternly- don’t wait

life’s too short

not to know









breath swirls



you’re thoughtful in ways

that bring me to my knees

from where does it all come?

like the deepest well of the earth


nervous around you

your eyes see everything

you walk the tightrope

of both worlds


i see you as a ‘dawn’

a giant awakening

to the gloriousness

of your own capacities


kali tempts you

breaking your will at times

angels whisper truths to you

you’ve forgotten that you’re god


all around you, planets

move and swirl with your breath

never knowing that

you heartbeat controls it all





following Angels


a path

i follow

led by you

wrapped in a glow


of white mist

and golden glow

it’s all i

can do


safely led

to circles,

of you

and others like you



in time,

correcting any

and all inaccuracies

healing truth


the valley

was entered,

led all the

way in by Marko Pogacnik



in concentric


a beauty seldom seen


in the middle

of nowhere,

a hundred



lifted the

weight of


up & off the ground

you’re right


and then

she said,

heaven is



can’t you

smell it

in the air



the grass is

greener than green

you  know

you want it



you’re right

but i just

brushed my teeth