for Liz


beaming in all directions

attracting us all


waking even the sleepiest

among us


accommodating each wandering soul

serving up her own brand of solace


a knowing feeds her

she sips it in…delighting in the sweetness


her smile is replicated

we see it everywhere


like dominoes rising to meet me

a counter experience


a constant rising

unique to this woman


a love with no end
















from me to you


waves against rock


strings of energy from

me to you


it’s ours!

the finest gossamer

liquid at times

always, a way to you


a string on a cello

beams sound

from my soul to yours

i see you


lovely scarred man

bending in delight


to your own dream


i inhale the thread

your essence dances

inside me 

forever jubilant



a whiff of you


not for me,

not you.

no matter what

you say


sense of humor

still intact

my heart’s

alive & beating


never concerned

with what

i’ve said,

you know the truth


dressing the part

angels in

my heart,

a delightful whiff of you




a lifetime of you


contented bliss

permanent smile,

eyes narrowed

with thoughts of you


no more

danger exists,

delight in you

replaces all emotion

clocks tick

fingernails grow,

my heart

flutters in expectancy


every lifetime

anticipating your return,

i feel

it all at this moment










misty emanance



is out of

the bottle



misty emanence


for me to



filled with

the expectation

my wish about

to come true


toes in the sand

hands swishing

the river’s wetness

you play in my hair