in the air




in the air

afloat everywhere

set free


it’s own current

sent past our globe

our breathing

turns the planet


birds soar on

its current

bringing the bees

and all their work


the miracle

of movement

stems from little old me

hold on to your galaxy






you love my quirks

i love your moods


you let me in

most days


i knock

no answer



we have things to learn


picking locks

and cat burglary


you- singing to me

calling me, texting me


i haven’t left 

you or your words


warrior of the earth

queen of the light


sensual dreamers

sensitive givers


my heart  feels you

i’m pulled to your core


breath swirls



you’re thoughtful in ways

that bring me to my knees

from where does it all come?

like the deepest well of the earth


nervous around you

your eyes see everything

you walk the tightrope

of both worlds


i see you as a ‘dawn’

a giant awakening

to the gloriousness

of your own capacities


kali tempts you

breaking your will at times

angels whisper truths to you

you’ve forgotten that you’re god


all around you, planets

move and swirl with your breath

never knowing that

you heartbeat controls it all





sound sleep



effortlessly gliding

soaring through

the air,

you’re free


numbers you know

sequences are


driving you in bliss


falling forward

only to find

the opposite



her Earth

is your pillow

sleep soundly

for the rest of your days