a beautiful thing




set the stage

all actors

were present


despair. loneliness.

the compass

points to me


out from under

the brush

i breathe in

the fresh new air


on the horizon


me and you

a beautiful thing










soul feast



love and connection…

there is nothing better

essential nuggets

transform lives


put this in a blender

pour into your loveliest glass

garnish with fruit

drink up


life alters all plans

so be sure to be

properly fed and



the table is set

just for you

open your eyes

and feast










the two of us



waves against rock


string of energy from me to you

it’s ours

the finest gossamer

liquid at times

always a way to you


a string on a cello

sound beams

from my soul to yours

i see you

lovely scary man

bending in delight

slave to your own


i inhale the thread

your essence dances

inside me…..

forever jubilant