following Angels


a path

i follow

led by you

wrapped in a glow


of white mist

and golden glow

it’s all i

can do


safely led

to circles,

of you

and others like you



in time,

correcting any

and all inaccuracies


no mistake



west to the edge

rocky and majestic

songs are sung

pictures are taken


you and i

live there


our hearts


all roads lead there

let’s follow the

bread crumbs

aligned for us


there are no mistakes,

nothing less than

an inner drive

steers you home










sound sleep



effortlessly gliding

soaring through

the air,

you’re free


numbers you know

sequences are


driving you in bliss


falling forward

only to find

the opposite



her Earth

is your pillow

sleep soundly

for the rest of your days











abundant silence

IMG_0791the matchbox is my haven

the only place i’ve been truly safe.

able to create…

a place to concentrate.

i must be magical to do what i did

able to turn off   tune out   go away

distort    bend time   change time

distort me  and  time

the place, the people

my tongue as big as the room

me, as tiny as an ant

i was so still there

so still    barely even a breath

secret even to myself

whole lives go on around me

no one sees me  it’s best this way

no angels. no family. no friends.

here, i am invisible.

to be invisible takes total & utter concentration

focus on one point- only

until you don’t know anything else

barely a breath

not one movement

don’t worry, nothing can distract me


in practicing, i create safety and knowing

then…at the flip of a switch

i’m there      i’m gone.

i wasn’t just invisible, i was safe

enclosed from further anything

i was untouchable – while my body was

being touched & tortured & raped.

there was no dancing.

that was over

no silliness….just work at perfecting

my sanctuary. my inner matchbox.

inner matchbox exists in my calves

and the center of my head.

thoroughly abundant in my silence