howling my name


never before

have i heard

this calling

ringing in my ears


like a howling

you call my name

i hear it

off in the distance


haunted by

knowings of you

i dare not ever

go astray


a tractor beam

holds me

in place,

forever your love


cathedral of trees


ardent fervor

tighten the


name your poison


all goes awry

hems undone

wind out of control

mail blowing everywhere


fold up your tent

stow away your gear

the angels are

all around you


in a cathedral

of trees

you long to be




a deviled dog

crazed by the


the deepest part of night


not knowing

which way to go

a ribbon leads

down your back


tendrils of your hair

intermingle with

your buttons

out of breath i am


sledding across

the tundra

kicking up sprays

of snow as we go













listen to me

chilled on the couch

waves are

lapping on the shore


never before

have i felt so much,

an inkling

here & there


can’t sleep

you’re a huge mistake

loud, crass & vulgar

you are


so many ways

you don’t add up

i only followed the path

laid out by the universe