dissociated homerun



there is no quenching

the thirst

of never having


i’m huge  i’m invisible

i’m laughing  i’m crying

inside….and out


dealing in truth

no more passive aggression

skidding into

home plate


dirt on my face

scraped up elbow

beautiful badges

of un-blindered sight


ebbing back & forth

in needless attack

outnumbered in society’s

droning on of victimhood



inhaled fumes of love


love is in the air

tension melts away

always tell the truth

no need not to


constant communication

energy direct

streams of knowledge

waft thru the air


laughter and naps

drained of what

i know to be true

all along the way


adoring fans

always there

notion of heaven

digging your heels in



1/31/08  5:00am

You, the double agent


great friend

patience of a saint

unwavering attention

clear as a bell


live your lies

double agent for sure

actual truth is

boundless & undetected


nervous at your girth

your weight in the world

tied up in consciousness

flown away to the sun


i’m grateful to be

healed by your witnessing

thankful for the new

perspective of you



splotch of life


i keep the game going

without even knowing

i get it…i’m done


it’s just a way of

connecting the dots

of life and love


nothing more

nothing less

released into truth


i vibrate

i.  vibrate.

joy. truth. love.



breathing Novak-style

Made with Repix (http://repix.it)


up for air

taking it

one breath

at a time


do i win

at the


of others


is duality

even an




like Rafa

like Novak

one ball

at a time


one foot

in front

of the



reaching out

and up

and lovingly








above all

your eyes

show me

your heart


under it all


the dots

playing the game


hold on and


the truth

your truth



the light

can be so



the essence

of our journey

starts and

ends simply





making of the crazy


at his moment

i don’t know 

feels familiar

like with my dad


one week and

it’s the second


can i overlook?


i’m wrong & crazy

i get real small

you push away.

he pushed away!


truth & intensity

it’s all good

you wouldn’t know

it’s all new to you


it’s not safe

my hand off

the heat…

i’m not crazy.



breath swirls



you’re thoughtful in ways

that bring me to my knees

from where does it all come?

like the deepest well of the earth


nervous around you

your eyes see everything

you walk the tightrope

of both worlds


i see you as a ‘dawn’

a giant awakening

to the gloriousness

of your own capacities


kali tempts you

breaking your will at times

angels whisper truths to you

you’ve forgotten that you’re god


all around you, planets

move and swirl with your breath

never knowing that

you heartbeat controls it all